When we have the opportunity we like to take off our tool belts and get on the computer and put some pictures up of some of the more interesting projects we are working on. Please excuse some of the picture quality. Its not easy taking quality pictures when you are covered in dust from a demo or grout from a tile job. 

Old barn built with the  house that was tore down in the 70’s.

Early 1900’s Farmhouse Renovation

This is an ongoing project that we have been working on and off on for a couple of months that has been interesting and full of surprises. The house was in total disrepair from a bad foundation install a number of years ago and a series of really poor quality renovations that took place in the 70’s and 80’s and a oddly constructed DIY addition from early in the houses history. Unfortunately this resulted in there not being a level or square surface in the entire place. This requred us to replace every floor joist and build three new walls!

This is a T shaped home, which was a common style of the time. The front half is of really solid timber frame construction and the back half, which was built later, is old balloon framing. We started work in the basement by adding extra supports and a couple of beams to get the house stable so we could work on the first floor. 

Below you can see a lot of pictures on the first floor which was two rooms. We took out the center wall completely and had multiple beams engineered to span the width of the room supported by 8x8 cedar posts. We built custom faces to cover the LVL beams to keep the look and feel of a farmhouse. The owner desires a primitive/industrial look when finished so we added custom 1/4" steel plates that tie the beams and posts together.

On the oppossing wall we built an area for a wood burner. To match the brickwork in other areas of the house, we used reclaimed bricks from the period and weathered the mortar joints.The ownere requested an offset stovepipe and wanted it in unfinished to help heat that section of the house during winter. We also added some new Andersen windows on three walls and two windowed exterior doors which added a lot more light and opened up the room. 

This is a big work in progress. As we move forward with the project we will continue to add photos. We should start some finish carpentry soon which will make a dramtic difference! Stay tuned.


LVL beams are up. We custom made these faces so that they can be stained and exposed.

Beams up with cedar posts. 

Steel brackets and new rough framed cieling is up. T&G is going on the cieling and the post and beams are getting a stain.

New bulkhead framed out in kitchen area for recessed lighting.

Old flooring with several layers of linoleum and bad joists

After removing several layers finaily uncovered the original floor.

Subfloor partially installed.

Floor on opposite side has been completely removed as a result of dry rot.

Area prepped for masonry for wood burner.

Doing a dry fit to get proper layout for bricks, 

Removed wall, framed out and installed two new windows. The wall to the right will also be removed.