We are a small veteran owned business founded in 2009. We got our start building pole barns and fences that first summer and haven’t stopped since. We are based in the South Hills outside of Pittsburgh but serve the entire Southwestern Pennsylvania area. We believe in relationships so when you work with us we want to get to know you and we want you to know us. 

When the company was started the idea was to create a company that was focused not only on craftsmanship but also on customer service. Our experience showed us that a lot of contractors in the business were good at swinging a hammer but lacked the communication and design ability that cutomers desired. This often lead to issues such as  inaccurate quotes, not having a clear understanding of what the customer wants, time management issues, and aggravations that could often lead to a bad experience. So, we set out to make a company that combined the work of skilled craftsman with a customer service plan that was just as important as the building plan.

When it comes to our work philosophy we follow these characteristics of craftsmanship: 

 1. We are motivated by mastery rather than speed of work.
2. We are willing to make sacrifices in finances, free time and relationships in order to complete a quality project. 
3. We believe in the end-value of what we are making.
4. We balance a passion for history and tradition with a drive to innovate.
5. We plan and think things through first.
6. We immerse ourselves in the project in order to maintain focus on our work.
7. We put in the hours for our craft.
 8. Our work is our reputation.